Price Comparison... Most local newspaper prices are somewhere in the ballpark figure of the following....

Price Comparison... Most local newspaper prices are somewhere in the ballpark figure of the following....

To place a plain print classified ad in the rental section of most local newspapers? There is a 4 line minimum. Each line contains between 20-23 characters which limits you to space and the price is based on characters per line instead of words. If you ever placed a classified ad to advertise your property for rent? Than you no how much fun it is to stay within the 4 lines of text and 23 characters that are allowed per line and to stay within a reasonable budget?

So, now you would like to tell people all about your rental property, and you have allot that you would like to say, but by doing this you will need allot more than just four lines of text! So, your only choice is to ad more lines to your ad which costs you more $$! Then you find out how much money it will cost you to ad more lines to your ad and you decide that it is way to expensive and that was not really what you were planning on spending! So, you decide that you have no choice but to start shortening your ad and start abbreviating words, then you start to leave out all the little extras and now you have an add that looks just like everyone else's ad and you did not even get to say what you really wanted to say!

Why? Because it is very expensive!!

1 week plain print ad will cost you around: $37.00 - $38.00.
2 week plain print ad will cost you around : $66.00 - $67.00.
(This will allow you 4 lines of text with 20-23 characters per line.)

Our Price...
TWO LISTINGS FOR $37.50 for 45 days!
This Includes Photos, Email Link & Website Link!

Traditional plain print ads are a great way to advertise your rental properties but why not spice it up a bit and advertise both in plain print and online? This creates a win-win situation for both you and the renter! When renters are searching threw the newspapers and they see your ad you can direct them to view your home online with color photos, saving you and the renter allot of time!

It's really simple renters want to see pictures and they do not want to make lots of phone calls asking the same questions over and over again and making appointment after appointment only to find out that they did not like the property, got stuck in traffic and lost looking for the property, when they could have just simply went to: and seen your property online at the click of a mouse in the privacy of there home!


An Effective, Affordable, and Powerful advertising program designed to find tenants fast and fill those vacancies! Get immediate exposure to thousands of Renters looking to rent a property in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, and all surrounding areas of Clark County, NOW! Increase your chances of renting your property, thousands of renters visit Clark County Rentals each month looking for properties for rent just like yours! Don't miss out!

Effective, Affordable And Powerful Advertising with all the BELLS & WHISTLES that won't cost you a Small Fortune!! It's Simple when you advertise with us you Simply Rent Faster! Clark County Rentals Bringing Renters To Home Owners, Landlords, Agents, And Property Managers And Property Management Companies 24 Hours A Day!

"Quality Customer Service And Support."

Monday Through Friday
9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.
Pacific Standard Time Office: 1-702-360- RENT (7368)

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I listed a home that I had for rent in Southern Highlands, after only two days I received numerous phone calls on the property and in less than one week I rented the property. I received 168 hits on this property in only 7 days!

I had this property advertised in the local papers for weeks and the cost for my tiny little ad was outrageous!

When I listed my property online with Clark County Rentals I was able to show the property so much more by telling all my callers to look at the home online first. This saved me so much time from running back and fourth to the property! Not only did it save me a lot time but lots of money on advertising!

Because of the wonderful response and incredible customer service that I received I had decided to list 3 more homes with Clark County Rentals! The price to list a property is so affordable I still cannot believe it and there where no limits to photos or text! I did not have to abbreviate any of my words, I was not charged extra for anything and I never had to renew my ad!

If you have to advertise your properties for rent and want to save a lot of time and money! I recommend listing with Clark County Rentals! I personally would like to thank Krystal for all of her time and help. Thank you for listing my properties so fast and thank you for all of the referrals! I look forward to listing all my rentals with you!

Jessie Nieh Nevada Real Estate Corporation

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Advertising online is the simple, fast and effective way to get your property in front of thousands of potential tenants every day.

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Our Price...
$37.50 for 45 days!